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Sunday, November 05, 2006

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From Philippine Star

Happy hands and feet
OctoArts’ daughter Cat Ilacad's baby Posh Nails Hand and Foot Spa is making the world of showbiz beautiful one hand (or foot) at a time

Dingdong Dantes admits it was the best 45 minutes of his life. Bernard Palanca says he thoroughly enjoyed his first time. Joyce Jimenez reveals it made her feel more special. Rovilson Fernandez wants to do the whole thing all over again. Greg Martin confesses it made him feel like a girl and that he loves it very much. Reproductive health specialist Dra. Margarita Holmes says it's better than sex.

So what are these celebrities raving about?

It's the services offered by Posh Nails, the hand and foot specialist that has been converting more and more people, celebrities included, into hand and foot-spaholics.

Since it opened its first branch in Greenhills four years ago, Posh Nails has been the favorite destination of some celebrities who want to experience some pampering, if not an indulgence, for their hands and feet once in a while.

"In show business, we all know how important it is to always put your best foot forward. So these celebrities might as well make sure that the foot they're going to put forward should look fabulous," jokes owner Cat Ilacad, who has been overseeing the operations of her three branches in Greenhills, Taft Avenue, and the newly-opened Tomas Morato. "And we're here to take care of that." With the conception of her nail spa business, she follows the footsteps of her dad film producer Orly Ilacad.

According to Cat, the selling points of her business are not just the services, but the wonderful, laidback ambience of her branches as well. "I don't really notice it, but those who had gone to other spas would say how nice and beautiful my spa is," Cat enthused. "They say the place is very relaxing. Some even call it their second home."

Indeed, Posh Nails is no ordinary beauty hub.

Whereas other spas would cramp their customers in small cubicles and irritate them with the incessant chattering of the staff, Posh Nails makes sure its clients feel totally relaxed and at home, as though they own the place.

With walls bathed in bright Barbie-doll pink and lavender, its ceiling accentuated with a cute chandelier, Posh Nails looks as if it had the personal touch of Legally Blond’s Elle Woods, whose penchant for anything dainty and feminine changed the way girls and guys look at the colors.

Instead of the bulky recliners, Posh Nails uses couches as seats for its customers. This way, says Cat, the customers would feel more at ease and comfortable. "These couches make it easier for them to fall asleep." Cat says with a smile. "I also learned that the leg rest of most recliners are prone to infection."

With the recent opening of her Tomas Morato branch (beside their family owned Virgin Cafe), Cat expects that more celebrities would swing by to have their nails done, since TV networks ABS-CBN and GMA just a few kilometers away.

Interestingly, during the opening, celebrities Alessandra De Rossi, Tanya Garcia, Nikki Valdez, and Zoren Legaspi were among the first to christen the newly opened branch. "These stars have been loyal patrons of my spa. Sometimes, they would just drop by and hangout and talk," shares Cat. "Would you believe that some of them are even interested in having their very own franchise Posh Nails Spa?"

As one of the pioneers of natural nail care, Cat makes it a point to attend the international conference of nail experts in the US. "Through this conference, I get to keep myself abreast with the latest in nail-care—the technology, the new discoveries," says Cat. Because of such efforts the spa has been hailed as 2005's Shopper's Choice for #1 Nail Salon and 2005's Marketing Excellence' Most Outstanding Nail Care Salon.

Posh Nails is indeed taking nail care to the next level.

Among Cat's recommended services are the Posh Spoiling Package, which includes manicure, pedicure, scrub, and a twenty-minute massage; nail art, which is one of the most availed services; Posh Grooming and Posh Treatments like Dry Foot Pedicure, Basic Refresh, Fetish (hand and feet, spa package), Foot Spa, Heated Paraffin Dip, Body Massage, Reflexology and Leg Waxing.

So if you want to have hands and feet that look like those of a celebrity, head to any of Posh Nails Hand and Foot Spa branches and indulge in one of the treatments. Who knows, your feet might actually be your ticket to showbiz stardom.

For appointments and inquiries, call 705-1516 or 373-8766.

Party Mood!

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• Minimum of 6 people
• Free party favors for the guests
• Gift for the celebrator


Bachelorette spa parties are the latest alternative to the traditional, last-night-as-a-single-woman outings.That’s why Posh Nails Hand and Foot spa has created the perfect packages for the bride to be and the special people in her life


Catch up on your friends’ latest love life or office burnout. The latest fashion and gossip while being pampered…shhhh! It’s just us girls this time around


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What they're saying..


"..At last! I've found something better than SEX! Thank you!" - DRA. MARGARITA HOLMES

"..This is where i experienced the most relaxing 45 minutes of my life! Thanks!" - DINGDONG DANTES

"..Sarap naman dito grabe! I SHALL RETURN! " - OGIE ALCASID

"..A very memorable relaxing nail experience! You guys were my first. I'll be back for sure for another session.." - BERNARD PALANCA

"..Sobrang Relax..Thanks!" - PAOLO SANTOS

"Thanks for all the pampering..love it! You guys really know how to make a girl feel special..." -JOYCE JIMENEZ

"Thanks for the ultimate pampering! Super Sarap! Nakatulog nga ako...More Power" - CARMINA VILLAROEL

"All the best! Had a blast here!" - AIKO MELENDEZ

"..The place to be!" - PIA MAGALONA

"..I love it here.." - MAXENE MAGALONA

"..What did you do? My feet are cleaner and softer than my face??! I shall return.." - ROVILSON

"..I want more! I was sooo relaxed! Thanks for the pampering. More Power!" - NINA

"..Thanks for making my nails look wonderful! This place is D BOMB! More Power!" - ALYSSA GIBBS

"..Thanks for the great kikay day! I love posh nails!" - KARYLLE

"..The best! I feel so special here! Cool!" - KAREL MARQUEZ

"..Keep up the Good Work! The place is wonderful! I'll be back for sure!.." - ANNE CURTIS

"..Super Sarap! Love the place!" - AMY PEREZ

"..Very Relaxing.." -JACQUI MANZANO-YLLANA

"..Thanks to you..I actually know how it really is to be a girl. I'm scared!!! I'm starting to like it! More Power!" - GREG MARTIN

"..You really have a great place! Very legally blonde! Good luck and Bright Blessings!" -MERYLL SORIANO

"..I was totally pampered here. Sarap! Balik ako for sure!" - NIKKI VALDEZ

"..Thanks for everything!" - RICHARD GUTIERREZ

"..Salamat Talaga! Galing!" - NANCY CASTIGLIONE

"..Thanks for the pampering.. for being sooooo sweet!" - CINDY KURLETO

"..You do my feet good! Thanks!.." - G. TONGI

"..Love the services!" - EPY QUIZON

Some features

Posh Nails has been featured in almost all fashion magazines today. This includes Cosmopolitan,Mega,Meg,Seventeen,Pink,Chalk,Girlfriend,etc. It has also been featured in broadsheets such as the Philippine Star,Manila Bulletin,Malaya and Manila Standard.





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